Artist Spotlight: Jen Braverman

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Artist Spotlight:  Jen Braverman

Art is powerful. We inherently know this truth even if we are not personally gifted with the talents of the brush. I am very lucky to know Jennifer Braverman. She is an artist, an activist, and an educator based in New Jersey and she is currently debuting a tribute to the Orlando shooting victims in the Invisible Identity show. I’d like to encourage you all to take a moment to look through her site and learn more about the meaning and importance of this piece. Her goal is to get this work to travel to all fifty states and I for one would love to see her achieve it.

She was recently spotlighted in Courrier Post with the following statement:

Her work, “We All have a Pulse,” features a portrait of each of the victims killed at Pulse nightclub in Florida, painted on a separate canvas and stitched onto a larger canvas like a pocket.

Brief biographies of each victim are included on the back of the canvas with yarn that connects that person to either a friend or partner who was there that night. The large background canvas depicts the American Flag.

The piece is one of 16 Braverman has on display at Eilandarts Center at The Station as part of the “Invisible Identity” exhibit.

If you want to read the full article by Celeste Whittaker as well as watch a video of Jen explaining her work you can do so here:



More information about her art can be found directly on her website here: BRAVER ART


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