The Importance of Rest, Reflection, and Restoration

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The Importance of Rest, Reflection, and Restoration

As my vacation wraps to a close, I wanted to talk about why taking time for yourself is so important. Rest is something we take for granted in our society because we (inappropriately) equate business with success. Working off of four cups of coffee, an energy drink, and a handful of chips is a productive day if we manage to finish off our orders. I am guilty of this phenomenon. I know this. It’s hard for me to turn off at the end of the day.

How many of you have messaged me at 1 AM in the morning (my time) only to be surprised I write you back within a minute?

Customer service is very important to me and part of that is quick communication. I am, after all, a writer so I deal in communication. That being said, these past few weeks have been very challenging and very rewarding for me because I have spent this time recharging my own batteries. I still managed to get the October issue of the HANDMADE SELLER MAGAZINE out on time, I still checked in with my VIP Facebook group COPYWRITING FOR CREATIVES daily, and posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest but I did so in a way that had me more unplugged than I have been in, frankly, years. I also spent some time reading and researching this topic and this is when I stumbled across this Tedx Talk by Daniel Rubin. He talks about rest and reflection. His message resonated with me as I attempted to rejuvenate and I think it will resonate with you as well.

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