Selling Food During The Holidays: SEO List

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Selling Food During The Holidays:  SEO List

My keyword lists are always my most popular articles. It is easy to understand why: Researching keywords takes so much time it can be really frustrating for sellers trying to juggle all their other responsibilities. While it is true I do offer specific keyword research for purchase over in my shop, I still like to create lists for my followers to help them along their path. Recently, I saw a seller lamenting over the lack of keyword lists for food items.

Light bulb moment!

I adore writing copy for food items. I love everything about food research, marketing, development, and execution and am very happily married to a butcher/home chef. So let’s talk about food today. Let’s go over a list of keyword phrases you can potentially use to sell your food items during the upcoming fall and winter holidays.

As always, please know that this list is meant to be a guide and is NOT a definitive list nor is it meant to be applied across each and every food listing. Look through it and try out some phrases that are applicable to YOUR products. You might get some really delicious results.

Keyword Phrases for Holiday Food:

1. Food Favors
2. Food Party Favors
3. Finger Food Favors
4. Halloween Finger Foods
5. Halloween Candy
6. Halloween Treats
7. Halloween cupcakes
8. Halloween cake
9. Homemade Halloween Candy
10. Homemade Halloween Chocolate
11. Handmade Chocolate
12. Handmade Candy
13. Handmade Fudge
14. Handmade Pretzels
15. Handmade Popcorn
16. Halloween Chocolate
17. Halloween Fudge
18. Pumpkin Chocolate
19. Pumpkin Shaped Chocolate
20. Halloween Party favors
21. Edible party favors
22. Edible Table Décor
23. Edible Table Placeholders
24. Chocolate Table Décor
25. Chocolate Placeholders
26. Thanksgiving Chocolate
27. Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts
28. Thanksgiving cupcakes
29. Thanksgiving cake
30. Thanksgiving Hostess Gift
31. Dessert ideas for Thanksgiving
32. Hostess Gifts
33. Edible Hostess Gifts
34. Foodie Gifts
35. Christmas Chocolate
36. Christmas Fudge
37. Christmas Candy
38. Christmas Party Favors
39. Christmas Hostess Gift
40. Holiday Party Favors
41. Food Ideas for Holiday Parties
42. Food Ideas for Christmas Parties
43. Snowman Chocolate
44. Snowman Cupcakes
45. Reindeer Chocolate
46. Reindeer Cupcakes
47. Snowman Party Favors
48. Reindeer Party Favors
49. Alternative Advent Calendars
50. Edible Advent Calendars
51. Christmas Cookies
52. Holiday Cookies
53. Halloween Cookies
54. Thanksgiving Cookies
55. Cake Stocking Stuffers
56. Chocolate Stocking Stuffers
57. Candy Stocking Stuffers
58. Popcorn Stocking Stuffers
59. Fudge Stocking Stuffers
60. Edible Stocking Stuffers

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