The Day I Lost My (Internet) Connection

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The Day I Lost My (Internet) Connection

Like many of my clients, I do a lot of business from my trusty phone. When I am not in front of my laptop I try to stay connected to the internet so I can tweet, post, like, and pin. I pride myself on answering queries as quickly as possible but sometimes that just isn’t (for lack of a better word) possible. Take Tuesday for example. I was going to live tweet the Big E. I even wrote an article about it here. You may have noticed that did not happen.

I lost my phone.

I lost my internet connection.

I am currently traveling and did not have access to a laptop. I clearly was not going to post from a laptop while traversing the fair grounds of the largest event on the Eastern seaboard. So what did I do? Well first off I freaked out quite a bit. My husband assured me that my followers would understand if I didn’t live tweet and there was nothing we could do that night anyway.

I took his advice.

It was hard to swallow. I’m very committed to my branding and my online presence so to be forcibly removed from it for even a day and a half was surprisingly difficult.
Here’s the thing though: Sometime will always go wrong at a fair.

I think that’s a really important lesson for small business owners to understand. While I wasn’t manning a booth or doing a live demonstration, I was attending for the purpose of spotlighting local sellers. I was also attending because it is a family tradition. I spent time with my family. Unplugged. It was both amazing and terrifying.

Once I was able to get past not being connected to the internet I was able to relax in a way I haven’t had the chance to in literal years. It was strange thinking to myself I needed to take a picture of every plate of food and then just not having my phone on hand to do it. I didn’t have to worry about recording a live Facebook feed or interviewing potential sellers for my website. In fact, we even forgot to bring my business cards to hand out so I was really off the marketing grid.

I want to use this as an opportunity to challenge my readers to share their most recent failures, mistakes, and missteps in their businesses. I want you to post in the comments, or under any threads this is shared on, and tell us what went wrong and whether or not you learned anything from it. You might not have learned anything and that’s OK. It might have been a really bad day and the lesson is just that you survived. You might have some really amazing insights for all of us.

For me, I think I need to realize that as a creative and as a person it is OK to make mistakes, to miss connections, and to use the time to center myself.

Besides, I had an amazing time with the family and can’t wait for the fair next year.

My faith was also restored in humanity a bit as the phone was turned in by some very kind strangers. I dropped it at a picnic table and they returned it to the farm ice cream stand.

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