Why I Am The Biggest Big E Fan

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Why I Am The Biggest Big E Fan

I’m officially on Day Three of vacation and it’s been a blast. Today, I am actually stopping in at one of my old haunts the Bank Street Coffee shop. I’ve got a buttered poppy seed bagel and a spiced apple chai at my side and am knocking out a few orders before getting back to relaxing. Now tomorrow, will arguably be the crown of my vacation because I’m going to my favorite fair in the entire world.

I love the the Big E. I am enthralled by the Big E. Did I mention how much I seriously love this event? Let me back up because unless you are from New England you probably haven’t the slightest clue as to what I am talking about. I am talking about the Eastern States Exposition. Those in the know call it the Big E but I think I’ve probably driven that point home by now. The Big E is the largest agricultural fair on the Eastern seaboard and the fifth largest fair in the entire nation. It features all the best parts of a state fair but multiples it by all the states in New England to offer a true melting pot of handmade goods, artisan food, and local customs. It was first established in 1916 by Joshua L. Brooks to promote agricultural education.

Let that sink in for a moment.

It was established in 1916…

Which means it is the 100th anniversary celebration this year! I have been attending the Big E ever since I was a toddler with my family and it is the home to many cherished memories for me. Just ask me about the Zebu.

(The Zebu is an amazingly adorable African Savannah animal and I’m equally obsessed with him.)

We’re packing up the cars and heading there tomorrow and I will be live tweeting the entire event. We’ll visit the petting zoo, each of the state buildings (each state of New England has their own building for local artisans to showcase their wares), and the midway. I’ll probably try to catch some beads unsuccessfully during the parade but I will absolutely get a fresh milkshake over in the agricultural center.

It’s my husband’s first time coming to the Big E and he doesn’t quite understand the magic. He thinks it’s just a big fair. It is but it’s so much more. We’ve often joked that the Big E is like Lil’ Sebastian from Parks and Recreation and he just doesn’t get the appeal. I am the biggest Big E fan because it represents all the charm that can be found in New England while encouraging local economy. It is the very definition of a small business owners dream and a return to hometown values. It also boasts fair food like a glazed doughnut cheeseburger and their signature cream puff so they have that going for them too! Either way, if you are a local artisan or craftsman and you are at the Big E tomorrow keep an eye out for me. I very well may be visiting your booth!

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