Top Tips for Craft Shows

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Top Tips for Craft Shows

How do you ensure a successful run at a craft show? Even though I haven’t done a show in a few years, I used to do them quite often with Hummingbird Stained Glass. What we ultimately learned was that if you wanted to be successful you need to be prepared, stay hydrated, and be ready to smile, sit, and stand for a long time. Now if you want a more comprehensive breakdown of tips for succeeding at your next pop up show or craft fair I highly recommend watching Hannah Eleanor’s YouTube video below. She details her experience and her top ten tips and this is very worth six minutes of your time.

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  1. 9-9-2016

    Thanks for this, its right on point and I agree with the tips 100%. My hubby and I have been selling our biz at events and markets for 2 years and love the selling, meeting, etc that happens at these markets. Our business is Country Lady Foods – Dry Mixes for Your Good Life! Yep, we make homemade cooking easy with our dry mixes. We’re on Facebook! Again thanks for the tips – GREAT!!

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