25 Thanksgiving Keywords

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25 Thanksgiving Keywords

It was recently brought to my attention that while I have curated Halloween keywords, generic Autumn keywords, and Christmas keywords for the 2016 holiday season I seemed to have missed a holiday! Thanksgiving! How many of you are excited for turkey, stuffing, and all the fixings? How many of you sell items that could get a little bump in sales during this holiday? If you sell baby clothing, decorations, or signs you very well might! So today instead of focusing on Labor Day I’ve decided to put together a list of my top twenty-five Thanksgiving keywords. Remember, these might not fit your products but if they do: Use them!

My Twenty-Five Top Thanksgiving Keywords:

1. Thanksgiving décor
2. Thanksgiving decorations
3. Thanksgiving sign
4. Thanksgiving wreath
5. Thanksgiving outfit
6. Thanksgiving shirt
7. Thanksgiving bodysuit
8. Thanksgiving tutu
9. Thanksgiving SVG
10. Thanksgiving card
11. Thanksgiving games
12. Thanksgiving ideas
13. Thanksgiving recipes
14. Baby girl Thanksgiving outfit
15. Baby boy Thanksgiving outfit
16. Turkey shirt
17. Turkey skirt
18. Turkey outfit
19. Baby girl turkey outfit
20. Baby boy turkey outfit
21. Turkey skirt
22. Happy Thanksgiving
23. Cornucopia sign
24. Cornucopia decorations
25. Hostess gift

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