2016 Christmas Keywords

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2016 Christmas Keywords

Merry Christmas! OK so I know it is technically only the first of September and I know we technically have 113 days before Saint Nick visits us, but shoppers are already out. I think you know that. I think some of you might be panicking a little bit because you haven’t even started your keyword research, never you mind photographing or writing up copy for your listings. It’s OK. That’s why you subscribe to this blog: So I can assist you in your times of need.

Let’s talk holiday copy. Holiday copy is just sales copy (written words) meant to instill a sense of urgency based on a certain season, event, or timetable. By keying into the keywords that shoppers are actively using you can tailor your descriptions, promotions, and even products around what they want. So what do they want? Well this year the trends are still developing but I can tell you from what I’ve seen unique advent calender’s, candy bags and favors, and snowflakes are going to be pretty big.

To keep you from crying out some not so nice words (because you don’t want to be on the naughty list), I’ve put together some seasonal keywords. Depending on the response to this article there may be a second installment of this series.

Happy holidays!

1. Christmas gifts
2. Christmas gifts for guys
3. Christmas gifts for girls
4. Christmas gifts for kids
5. First Christmas together
6 Baby’s first Christmas
7. Baby’s first Christmas outfit
8. Holiday photos
9. Christmas cards
10. Family Christmas cards
11. Family Christmas card ideas
12. Christmas decorations
13. Christmas decor
14. Christmas home decor
15. Unique Christmas decorations
15. Christmas party favors
16. Holiday party favors
17. Holiday party games
18. Holiday party ideas
19. Christmas party games
20. Advent calendars
21. Traditional advent calendars
22. Unique advent calendars
23. Nontraditional advent calendars
24. New family traditions
25. Christmas traditions
26. Holiday traditions
27. Christmas countdowns
28. Christmas shirt
29. Christmas tree shirt
30. Christmas outfit
31. Nice Christmas outfit
32. Matching Christmas outfits
33. Christmas pajamas
34. Christmas pjs
35. Matching gifts
36. Family gifts
37. Gifts from Santa
38. Christmas dress
39. Red and green dress
40. Peppermint dress
41. Candy cane dress
42. Peppermint swirl dress
43. Gingerbread dress
44. Gingerbread shirt
45. Elf gifts
46. Elf dress
47. Elf outfit
49. Stocking stuffers
50. Stocking stuffers for kids
51. Stocking stuffers for girls
52. Stocking stuffers for boys
53. Gag gifts
54. White elephant gifts
55. Office party gifts

Do you have any keywords that generate you particularly high views? Share them below in the comments.


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    Thanks. Top stuff!

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    Thanks for providing this list…I need to get moving!

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    THANK YOU!!!

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