Canadian Postal Ban: August Update

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Canadian Postal Ban:  August Update

Over the past several months, we have closely watched the back and forth negotiations, or the lack thereof between the Canadian Post and the Canadian Postal Union. On Thursday August 25th the Union issued a 72 hour strike action, but then clarified the statement last evening stating it would only extend to banning overtime for current postal workers. This projected ban was set to start today pending those talks with the Canadian Post.

To read more about the initial statement regarding the overtime ban you can review the release issued by The Canadian Post here:

Canada Post countdown underway even as two sides in mediation

What does this mean for handmade sellers that ship to and from Canada? Well, we still aren’t entirely clear and that is more than frustrating for everyone involved. Interestingly enough though, the President of the Canadian Union for Postal Workers (CUPW) Mike Palecek said the ban wouldn’t impact mail delivery. The told the Canadian Post, “We simply want to draw attention to our negotiation issues by asking our full-time members across the country to work only their scheduled hours. Part-time members can still extend to eight hours but will not accept overtime.”

Many of my followers have asked if they should stop shipping to Canada. I do not recommend that at this time simply because we aren’t sure how, or if really, this is going to be a big enough issue to potentially cut off a revenue stream. I recommend full transparency with any customers and during initial contact advise them of the uncertainties facing the postal system.

Are you impacted by these events? What are you doing for your business and your customers?

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