Word Crimes: Just For Fun Friday

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in Copywriting | 2 comments

Word Crimes:  Just For Fun Friday

Over on my Pinterest page I dedicate a theme for each day of the week. I find that by scheduling my content around a theme each day it is easier for me and gives my followers a consistent schedule to enjoy. Friday is all about having fun. Monday is for motivation, Tuesday is for writing tips, Wednesday is for empowering women, Thursday is for think tank (marketing tips), Saturday is my seller spotlight, and Sunday concludes with my favorite snacks. While I am not a fan of the original lyrics, this version is spot on in my book. Happy Friday!


  1. 8-26-2016

    Funny! Thank you! ( Tee Hee.)

  2. 8-26-2016

    Very funny and I am guilty… I will keep trying.

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