30 Awesome Autumn Keywords

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30 Awesome Autumn Keywords

After publishing my article on my top Halloween keywords this week, it was brought to my attention by my VIP followers that they wanted more general fall options. Not everyone sold Halloween products. You never want to keyword stuff so it only seemed fair I did the research the help everyone that wanted to cash in on the fall season. If you would like to review the Halloween keywords you can go back to that article here:


In case you were wondering, keyword stuffing is the practice of placing keyword phrases within your text or listings that are simply not relevant.

Now keywords are very subjective and this list should only be used as part of your own independent research. Hopefully this list will get you going in the right direction and will inspire you to tackle your cool weather product lines.

My top 30 Fall keywords:

1. Fall Accessories
2. Fall Jewelry
3. Fall Earrings
4. Fall Bracelet
5. Fall Necklace
6. Fall Scarf
7. Gift for Coffee Lover
8. September Birthday Gift
9. October Birthday Gift
10. November Birthday Gift
11. Pumpkin Sign
12. Pumpkin Shirt
13. Pumpkin Patch Shirt
14. Pumpkin Outfit
15. Pumpkin Decor
16. Pumpkin Spice
17. Pumpkin Spice Latte
18. Pumpkin Spice Sign
19. Pumpkin Wreath
20. Ghost Wreath
21. Witch Wreath
22. Tombstone Decorations
23. Thanksgiving Decor
24. Thanksgiving Decorations
25. Thanksgiving Table Runner
26. Fall Crafts
27. Fall Food
28. Fall Recipes
29. Pumpkin Soap
30. Pumpkin Spice Soap

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