Top Halloween Keywords

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Top Halloween Keywords

I know it seems to be a little early to be discussing pumpkins, ghosts, and candy but let’s be honest: The Halloween shopping season is upon us. As retailers it is our job to anticipate the needs of the consumers so we run about two to three months earlier than the rest of the calendar year. I adore Halloween. It is arguably my favorite holiday so I have actually put together two amazing treats for you.

1. My top Halloween keywords!

2. A discount code for 10% off ALL Halloween titles, tags, and descriptions!

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As promised, here are my top thirty Halloween keyword phrases:

1. Happy Halloween
2. Halloween Card
3. Happy Halloween Card
4. Halloween Shirt
5. Halloween Outfit
6. Halloween Skirt
7. Halloween Headband
8. Halloween Costume
9. Costumes for Halloween
10. Ideas for Halloween
11. Halloween Party Decor
12. Halloween Decorations
13. Halloween Decor
14. Pumpkin Shirt
15. Pumpkin Sign
16. Pumpkin Patch
17. Pumpkin Decorations
18. Mommy and Me Costumes
19. Halloween Photos
20. Family Costumes
21. Baby Costume
22. Kids Costume
23. Girls Halloween Costume
25. Boys Halloween Costume
26. Witch Costume
27. Princess Costume
28. Vampire Costume
29. Halloween Dress Up
30. Halloween Candy


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    thank you for giving information it is means alot for me

  2. 8-26-2016

    Did you check that these titles fit as tags as well?

    • 8-27-2016

      That’s a great question! These keywords are suitable to a variety of platforms so they will not all fit within the 20 character limit of the Etsy tag system.

  3. 8-18-2016

    Lovely jubbly! Thanks Kateland!

  4. 8-17-2016

    Sweet! Thank you!

  5. 8-17-2016

    thanks so much!

  6. 8-17-2016

    Thank you Kate , you are AWWW:)

  7. 8-17-2016

    Thank you for the keywords, this is really helpful


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