The New Etsy Blog: A Review

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The New Etsy Blog:  A Review

Last month, on July 8th, 2016 Etsy announced the face of the “New Etsy Blog”. Alison Feldman, the Editor in Chief of the Etsy Blog, wrote the inaugural post and in it she detailed some of the changes they made and why they did so. Over the past month we’ve been treated to quite a few good articles and if you aren’t following them (and you are an Etsy seller) I need to ask you one question: Why not?

Seriously there is some good stuff in there and it’s a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of Etsy, so to speak.

They decided that Etsy sellers and buyers needed a better mobile experience. They felt that the previous iteration of the blog was lacking in visual stimulation and we all know the importance of engaging photography. To that end, the two biggest changes were to redesign the blog so that it was more responsive to those mobile users and to mimic the navigation to align with Etsy categories. They decided to keep the profiles of Etsy sellers, studio tours, and of course trending products. If you don’t follow their trending product profiles you really should because it gives you clues as a handmade seller where to invest your time and energy when creating on point product lines. They also kept the interviews with crafty people (like the interview they did back in April 2016 with Nick Offerman HERE).

You can also reach out to Alison and her team directly to request a feature. Scroll on down to the bottom of her main post (HERE)and shoot her an email if you think you have what it takes to be their next featured seller. Who knows, maybe The Write Assistant LLC will throw in an application…


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    Thank you!

  2. 8-10-2016

    Super! We do need more writers that are current sellers on Etsy. Great Blog!

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