Amazon Fee Calculator: Free Tool

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Amazon Fee Calculator:  Free Tool

Selling on Amazon has its own unique set of challenges but one challenge remains constant across platforms: How much should I charge? The Amazon Fee Calculator (Beta) was developed as a free tool published on the E-Commerce Bytes website and I’ve found it to be an great resource for Amazon sellers. For your ease, I’ve put together a breakdown of how to use this calculator.

When you are ready to start plugging in your own numbers you can do so HERE.

There are three sections to this calculator:

1. Enter Data

2. Breakdown of Fees

3. Profit Calculator

It’s actually pretty simple to use. The first thing you need to do is select your product category using the drop down menu in the top left hand corner of the first section. They have included everything from books to watches so make sure to select the category that best describes your product. You then have a drop down menu directly to the right of this field that lets you pick your shipping method. There are six shipping options:

Domestic Standard

Domestic Expedited

Two Day Domestic

One Day Domestic

Standard International

Expedited International

Once you’ve selected your category and your shipping method you need to fill out the following three grey fields:

Item Price

Cost to Acquire

Shipping Weight (lbs)

A little further down you can also add in the actual shipping cost. As you enter in these fields the white fields will automatically auto populate detailing the following cost breakdowns:

Amazon Commission

Closing Fee

Per-transaction fee

Amazon Shipping Credit

Total Profit

Play around with some numbers of your actual products and let me know in the comments if this tool was helpful to you. Please note, this tool was developed in April 2013 and is meant to provide general estimations for your consideration.

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