August Holidays & My Holiday

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August Holidays & My Holiday

Over the next two weeks I’m going to be on a bit of a holiday. I’m still around, don’t worry about that, but I am preparing to sit for a relicensing exam on August 15th. In addition to being a copywriter I am also a proud Physician Assistant but that means every so often I do need to prove I know what I’m doing. I’m considering the next two weeks a study holiday.

To that end I thought it would be fun to schedule my blog posts ahead of time. Today I wanted to kick it all off with a list of a few of my favorite weird, wacky, and wonderful holidays that happen during the month of August. While these may not all be retail home runs, they are fun to read about.

August 3rd: National Watermelon Day

August 10th: National S’mores Day

August 13th: International Lefthanders Day

August 15th: National Relaxation Day (well that’s ironic…)

August 17th: Ghost Festival (China)

August 18th: Bad Poetry Day

August 19th: National Women’s Day (South Africa)

August 25th: Kiss and Make Up Day

August 30th: National Toasted Marshmallow Day

I think it’s interesting to note that toasted marshmallows and s’mores need their own individual days. Out of all of these I think my favorite is National Watermelon Day. Which one is your favorite?

If you want to stay on top of all the holidays then you might want to check out Holidays Calendar. This is a great website to keep you informed and hopefully help you plan your seasonal marketing.


  1. 8-1-2016

    Kateland, go kick some serious ass on the 15th!

    • 8-1-2016

      Go get em on the 15th!!

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