Keyword List: Back to School

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Keyword List:  Back to School

Even if you aren’t a student yourself you may be getting ready to go back to school. I’m not just talking about parents. I’m talking about all you handmade sellers out there. As July starts to wind down and August approaches the back to school season is in full swing. You should already have your keywords researched and uploaded into your various listings but if you haven’t gotten that far yet I’ve put together a list of some of the more commonly searched terms. Do any of these keyword phrases work for your products?

1. Back to school ideas

2. Back to school supplies

3. School supply list

4. College school supplies

5. Elementary school supplies

6. Back to school sale

7. Back to school deal

8. Back to school bargain

9. First day of school

10. College dorm decor

11. First day of school outfit

12. Teacher supplies

13. Teacher gifts

14. Back to school gifts

15. Back to school shopping

Do you have any product lines that are specifically targeted to students, parents, or teachers? If so, I’d love to see them so drop your links in the comments below and let me know how you market them effectively.


  1. 7-25-2016

    I am promoting LEGO push pins, magnet sets, and book marks as school supplies, teacher gifts, and dorm decor.
    I’ve sold a few recently, and have some hits showing up in stats for the related keywords. So far, so good!

  2. 7-21-2016

    Interesting! Thanks for the ideas. Definitely need to take a look and see what I can incorporate.

  3. 7-20-2016

    Thanks for the great ideas, Kate. I never thought of promoting my doll clothes to the back to school market. Very doable. I’ll give it a try.

  4. 7-20-2016

    I have done a lot of my craft/vendor/teach aprons for teachers to hold their supplies. It has four pockets in front for handy access. Also, a lot of moms purchase my minky travel pillows for their preschool or kids in kindergarten! They usually order 2 as the child always wants one for school and one for home when they find out how soft they are!


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