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How many of you have an Instagram page? While I have one, I must admit I really haven’t done too much with it and that is something I seek to change in the near future. Instagram, and any new online platform, can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating at first. That is why it is so important to seek out information that can be presented in bite sized chunks.

This particular video is a bite sized introduction to Instagram and how to optimize your account. It was created by Dani Marie of The Handmade Seller magazine and is part of their free YouTube channel. You can even grab a free issue of this magazine here if you’d like: Free Sample of The Handmade Seller magazine.Take a quick look and let me know if it is helpful. I’d love to see your Instagram accounts so feel free to comment below with your links.

P.S. This video is only available today (July 11th, 2016) as it is a sneak peek courtesy of Dani Marie. If you want to catch the rest of the Instagram series she is doing for the Handmade Seller magazine you should probably check out their site above or better yet: Subscribe!


  1. 7-12-2016


    No clue what I’m doing with this yet…it’s a whole new world to me. 😀

  2. 7-12-2016


  3. 7-12-2016

    working on building followers, just trying to figure out what to post regularly.


  4. 7-11-2016

    mine is sir_winslows_zoo I have made a lot of these changes after watching a video Dani did and my followers are growing. Slowly but surely!

  5. 7-11-2016

    What a brilliant video – I’ve already altered my profile and name – thanks so much!

  6. 7-11-2016


    That was so helpful.I am still looking for the right way to do instagram:)

  7. 7-11-2016

    https://www.instagram.com/thethistlesticks/ I need to work on being more engaging.

  8. 7-11-2016

    I’m a brand new shop, so everything is a work in progress for me at the moment… instagram.com/thehawkandthebluebird

  9. 7-11-2016

    Its a work in progress
    http://www.instagram.com/miracle_body_butter 🙂

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