Etsy Processing Glitch

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Etsy Processing Glitch

If you are an Etsy seller, then the last week has not been a very fun one. On Friday, July 1st, we all started to notice lag between orders and payment processing. It wasn’t long before we started to realize this glitch was not going away anytime soon. Last night, Tuesday, July 5th, Etsy issued a formal email stating the following:

According to our records, your shop may have been affected by a recent technical issue experienced by Etsy’s third-party payment processor that has resulted in delays confirming some of your orders. We expect that impacted orders will soon be confirmed and will be processed.

For those of you who aren’t already aware, on Friday, July 1, Etsy’s third party payment processor began experiencing technical issues which resulted in delays confirming some orders using credit card and gift cards. Both integrated and standalone PayPal orders were unaffected by this issue; orders placed with those payment methods have been processed as usual. We are closely monitoring the situation and are hopeful that our third-party payment processor is close to resolving the issue, at which point you will begin receiving order confirmation emails. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

While payment for an affected order is being processed, it won’t appear on your Orders page. Instead, you’ll see a small note that says, “You have processing orders.” Buyers, similarly, will see that the order will show as “Payments Processing” or “Not Paid” on their account. As our partner resolves its issue, payments for affected orders will be processed on a rolling basis. Once payment for your order is confirmed, it will appear on your Orders page and buyers will receive an order confirmation. We encourage you to begin fulfilling orders after payments have been confirmed.

If a buyer affected by this issue mentions it in a review or contacts you directly about it, please contact Etsy Support for assistance. For more updates, visit the Etsy Forums.

I want to encourage all my readers to keep a close eye on the Etsy Forums for direct updates straight from the horse’s mouth. I want to encourage you to be patient and understand that this is just part of doing business on a third party platform. If you haven’t diversified your business to include a standalone website, now might be a great time to do so.

I’d like to challenge you to do the following few actions as well:

1. Update your shop announcement to include notification of this delay for customers.

2. Consider working on your social media campaigns or holiday promotions in advance during your downtime.

3. Prepare apology statements for disgruntled customers and be ready to offer refunds with discounts for future orders to smooth things over.

4. Breathe.

The last bit is the most important. This too shall pass.


I have updated this post to include the latest statement from Worldpay, the third-party payments processor for Etsy:

Worldpay Service Outage: Update

You can also read updates written by Bill Massie, the Etsy payment engineer, on the Etsy forum here:

Etsy Forums: Update Page


  1. 7-6-2016

    I want to know how Etsy is going to handle the inevitable bad reviews from this. Interesting that that they state if a customer mentions it in the review….what happens if they don’t? This is a giant mess. I am in full on bridal season and losing ALOT of $$ with each passing hour this is not resolved.

  2. 7-6-2016

    For what it’s worth, I have 21 orders processing (the oldest is 3 days I believe) and I have not received the email they mention above. Last time this happened I got it late as well (right before the issue was resolved). Perhaps I am in the ‘back’ of the roll. 🙂 Thanks for updating us.

    • 7-6-2016

      I’m not certain how they decided to distribute the email I referenced above. One of the reasons I decided to write this post is because it does appear that not all Etsy sellers received it.

  3. 7-6-2016

    Thank you for these great suggestions. I didn’t think to update my shop announcement which I just finished. I also sent an email to all orders outstanding so that they are aware of what is going on, just in case they overlooked the message from Etsy and to let them know I am on top of the situation and will contact them again when their order has been confirmed. Hopefully this touch of customer service will keep them wanting their order in lieu of a refund.

    • 7-6-2016

      Great job! I’ve also taken to messaging the pending orders each day. For example, I have two outstanding orders from yesterday. I spoke with both of them at the time they placed their order, but I also sent them a courtesy update this morning as well.

  4. 7-6-2016

    Thanks for addressing this issue and for the great suggestions. I find it very interesting that this problem occurred during the big Etsy Christmas In July promotion taking place July 1 -10th.

    • 7-6-2016

      I agree. I think the timing is terrible. I’ve had a few associates rack up refund requests in the double digits just during the Fourth of July alone because of this issue.

  5. 7-6-2016

    Etsy wants us to offer discounts to disgruntled customers. Are they offering us a discount on etsy fees?

    • 7-6-2016

      Lisa at this time Etsy is not offering any reimbursements to sellers. However, I think it is important that I point out those recommendations at the end of this blog post are my own. The Etsy statement is italicized and the rest of the commentary is simply my own opinions and advice.

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