Trademark Tips – Guest Blog

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Trademark Tips – Guest Blog

Danielle Higby Storm is the owner of Firefly Fabrics and a member of one of the Facebook groups I administer, The Joyful Entrepreneur. We discuss a wide variety of topics that are important for small businesses but one of the most daunting, and often misunderstood, topics is the infamous trademark. What does it mean? Is it important? Should I do a trademark (or trademarks) for my company?

I can tell you that The Write Assistant is in fact a trademarked name. I (happily) hired a lawyer that could take care of all the nuances for me. It was a bit of a long process and it took me around a year to see the approval go through, but I can tell you that it is important if you want to protect your company name and seek growth in your future. Danielle did something I could not do: She trademarked her company without a lawyer. This brings me to the topic of our post today; Danielle wrote a phenomenal article on her blog Leave No Stone Unglued and you can read the entire post here:

Trademark – Check!

It is a lengthy read but well worth it. She details the nine month process it took her to wade through the TESS (Trademark Electronic Search System) and the TEAS (Trademark Electronic Application System) and she did it successfully. You can save money by doing this yourself and her step by step tips are well work bookmarking if you are going to do this journey.

Her blog post features the following nine steps:

1. Set aside (or acquire) the funds to file.

2. Watch videos to get an idea how to search for existing trademarks.

3. Do an exhaustive TESS search.

4. Go to the information page at TEAS and download all documents.

5. Get your proof, photographs, and paperwork in order.

6. Stay in contact (review your emails meticulously).

7. Update any amendments as they happen.

8. Track your application using the US Serial number.

9. Publication: Make sure no one files an opposition.

What do all these steps mean exactly? Well, you’ll have to go over to her blog post to read the rest of this (very vital) information!

Thank you again, Danielle, for sharing your tips and experience. If anyone would like to visit Danielle and her shop you may do so on Facebook and her website here:

Firefly Fabrics Facebook

Firefly Fabrics Website


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      You are very welcome!

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    Awesome blob, thank you!

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