Canada Post: Strike Imminent?

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Canada Post:  Strike Imminent?

Sellers in Canada are facing a possible delay in shipping due to a service disruption, caused by an ongoing labor dispute. This statement was emailed out to all Etsy sellers on June 24th, and it has since caused quite a bit of concern internationally. Significant delays are expected, but exactly how much is uncertain. The disruption is expected to affect all shipments to, within, and from Canada handled by Canada Post (Source: Etsy).

At this time, it is truly up to you, as a seller, how to you want to move forward. If you are a Canadian seller, the issue is obviously much more of a concern. If you ship internationally, you may want to remove the option to ship to Canada until this is resolved. One thought that many have expressed on the various forums is that it may be to your benefit to continue shipping to Canada, albeit with travel warnings, as it will differentiate you from competitors who are pulling it as an option.

If you have been following this story, then you will know that this has been an ongoing issue and not much of a surprise. Threats of a postal strike have been on the table since April 2016 as more than 8,000 rural post workers have been without a contract since December 2015. An additional 42,000 urban workers have been without since January 2016. A secondary issue that has been contributing to the distrust between the postal workers and their employer, Canada Post, is that the rural mail carriers report a 28% pay discrepancy when compared to their urban counterparts. The fact that the rural carriers are mostly female is not a fact unnoticed by Mike Palecek, national president of CUPW (Canadian Union of Postal Workers). In a glaring statement, he argued that postal workers need better representation and pay. “Canada Post is demanding major concessions at a time when…they just recorded a $44 million profit for the first quarter of the year, which puts them on track to do far better than their $100 million profit last year.”

For more information on this unfolding story you can sign up for updates here:

Canadian Post Strike: Updates

If an agreement is not made by the end of this month, only days away, nearly 50,000 workers may go on strike, and the results will likely ripple across more than just Canada.


  1. 6-29-2016

    thats a great releif

  2. 6-27-2016

    We have a canada post employee in a group and she updates us. This is recent, “Public Service Announcement:
    Last night at work, the new Canada Post CUPW Contract was presented to the workers. It (according to my source) looks really good, no pension claw backs etc….so, NOW the employees will vote. THERE HAS NOT BEEN A STRIKE VOTE YET! I will keep you updated as I find out anything, but from this point, it LOOKS LIKE it might avoid a strike or lockout.”

    • 6-27-2016

      Thank you again for this contribution! If you hear anything else, please feel free to share.

    • 6-29-2016

      are you sure about that because i am waiting for my 3 month old babys passport so that we can go home

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