SEO:  Fourth of July

It’s not too late to capitalize on some last minute, patriotic shoppers! While you should have had your Fourth of July products up and ready to go at least a month in advance, sometimes we get overwhelmed and forget to make little tweaks. That is OK. Do you have any products in your shop that are red, white, or blue? How about anything that has a few stars or stripes? If you do and you haven’t adjusted your titles and tags yet, I’ve put together a short list of the twenty Fourth of July keywords and their respective number of hits on Etsy live search.

Take a look and see if any of these keywords fit your demographic and plug them in before it’s too late:

1. Fourth of July – 41,444
2. 4th of July – 107,369
3. Fourth of July Dress – 1,963
4. Fourth of July Party – 6,484
5. 4th of July Outfit – 6,796
6. Fourth of July Shirt – 7,332
7. Fourth of July Headband – 4,120
8. Fourth of July Hair Bows – 3,273
9. Fourth of July Décor – 7,781
10. Red White and Blue Décor – 29,728
11. Patriotic Outfit – 3,914
12. Patriotic Dress – 4,090
13. Patriotic Shirt – 12,998
14. Patriotic Decorations – 5,547
15. God Bless America – 2,657
16. Land of the Free – 2,527
17. Fireworks Décor – 1,678
18. Fireworks Shirt – 2,167
19. American Pride – 7,735
20. Star Spangled – 3,438

As always, I highly recommend doing your own target market and search engine optimization research. You will notice that quite a few of these are general keywords (meaning they have high hits and high competition) so use them as a guide for ideas and make sure to get ready for the next holiday at least a month in advance. You should be working on Back to School and Fall holiday product lines now.


  1. 6-24-2016

    Thank you Kateland. This definitely fits me. 😉

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