Christmas In July

This is one of those unofficial holidays that has become a huge marketing opportunity for businesses large and small alike. Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Christmas in July though? It does seem a bit strange considering the religious holiday is traditionally celebrated in the middle of winter on December 25th. Some claim that this warm weather holiday was always a marketing ploy to spur sales during the summer, a time when sales are traditionally at their lowest.

According to The Holiday Spot, the origins of the holiday are a little less retail and a little more wishful thinking. Based on their research they surmised that it all started in Europe because people missed the cool weather of the winter and wanted to celebrate with cold treats like ice cream, Popsicles, and gifts (because who doesn’t like getting gifts?). Another origin tale claims it started in Ireland, while another yet claims Australians were the ones to propagate these festivities.

Regardless of who started it, I think it is a great way to encourage your customers to purchase your items with a middle of the year sale. I personally will be encouraging all of my clients and followers to use this down time to focus on their holiday product lines and copy. In fact, next month I’ll be launching my very own Christmas in July promotion so keep a close eye out.

Are you running any specials?

If you are, I’d love to see them in the comments with a description of your sale and a link to your business.


  1. 6-22-2016

    Working for a number of years for a florist as a floral designer, Christmas In July meant that it was time for us to begin planning for our Christmas Open House in November. We used the month of July to start creating all of the silk floral arrangements and holiday decor and planning all of our marketing for the Christmas Season.

  2. 6-22-2016

    I can’t wait to start Christmas items. Maybe “Christmas in July” would be a nice addition to my titles and tags ❤

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