Etsy Up Conference

Last week, Etsy announced it will be holding its first annual Etsy Up Conference in New York City from August 11th – 12th. This news shocked and excited many Etsy shop owners because it was somewhat unexpected. According to the Etsy website, “…hundreds of Etsy shop owners will gather in New York City for the first Etsy Up Conference, a two-day summit focused on empowering and connecting Etsy sellers.”

Will you be one of those hundreds?

This year I won’t be attending due to the short notice, but I will be eagerly awaiting conference goers thoughts once the event is underway. With discounted tickets ($125 per person) available until June 23rd, I imagine it will sell out quickly. Ticket prices will raise to $175 per person after June 23rd, and Etsy cautions space is limited so if you are going to attend you should probably secure your spot now. They do not say how many tickets will be sold nor do they actually identify what the conference schedule will look like in regards to presentations and topics.

They have released a limited list of panelists, however, and they include:

Chad Dickerson – CEO and Chair of Etsy

Carolyn Caffelle – Owner of The Wishing Elephant

Amy Hamley – Owner of Redraven Studios

Lane Huerta – Owner of Lovelane

Jahje Ives – Owner of Baby Jives Co.

Angie Johnson – Owner of”>Norwegian Wood

Kate Kennedy – Owner of Be There in Five

Arounna Khounnoraj – Owner of Bookhou

Cassie Uhl – Owner of Zenned Out

Abby Morton – Owner of Mavora

Jennifer Young – Owner of The Idea Box Kids

As more information becomes available on what this conference will entail, I’ll post an update. In the meantime, check out those businesses above for some inspiration for your own goals and vision boards.

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