Branding on Amazon

I was amazed at the response I received from last week’s video about Etsy Rank. After talking to Dani Marie further, she encouraged me to share the Handmade Seller Magazine videos with my followers. So I’m excited to share another one of her videos that was first published in October of last year. While it may have been published quite a few months ago, the content is still very relevant to Amazon sellers.

Handmade at Amazon is a unique platform for handmade sellers because you can optimize your site to reflect your company vision in several ways. The purpose of branding here specifically is to convey a feeling to your target audience and welcome them visually. Take a listen as Dani goes over the banner images, the profile page, personal photograph, and how products can make a difference.

What do you think? Are you a seller on Handmade at Amazon? Why or why not?

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