2016 Wedding Trends

Are you in the wedding industry? If you are, you have probably been ramping up your marketing for a few months now. Photographers, event planners, and caterers are all pretty set right now, but there is still time for other small business owners to get in on the wedding season. Party favors, gifts, and decorations are always big sellers and sometimes brides shop last minute.

Earlier this year, Glamour magazine put out their annual predictions for top wedding trends for the 2016 season. I’ve been watching this industry rather closely, along with some of my wedding clients, and these are the three big trends I’ve noticed:

1. Natural details.

2. Desserts other than cake.

3. Cascading bouquets.

The natural detail trend is interesting because it runs the gamut from wooden placeholders to a more woodland/boho chic theme overall. If you sell wedding favors, I highly recommend creating and selling products that emphasize natural components and if they feature eco-friendly components, all the better! I have quite a few clients out there that sell edibles. Cake is gone, so revel in mason jar cupcakes, cookie bars, and cake pops. Brides will pay for them if you have stellar photography, great customer service, and convincing copy. Finally, cascading bouquets are replacing the traditional stiff, central stem bouquets of previous generations. If you work with real or paper flowers, incorporate these alternatives into this year wedding line for best results.


  1. 6-13-2016

    I am teaching myself to make wedding items other than jewelry. I am enthusiastic about my learning and making it saleable. I am really excited.

  2. 6-10-2016

    I make custom plant terrariums and often work with beautiful Succulents. Recently I started offering DIY Bridal Bouquet Workshops. The Workshop is a wonderful gift the Bride to be can offer to her Bridesmaid. Each Bridesmaid (along with the Bride) can make their very own Succulent Bouquet. The bouquet can last out of water for 2 weeks and after the ceremony can be planted in a vase or planter to cherish forever. Succulent plants are a great choice for people with flower allergies and the bouquets are Eco-Friendly… Less waste.

    The workshops are informal and include Sangria and light snacks. Prices start at $125pp and include all supplies and instruction 🙂

    Follow me on Instagram to see pics from my most recent events. http://WWW.Instagram.com/PiccolaPianta

  3. 6-9-2016

    I just made my first wedding bouquet, but haven’t listed it in my shop. It wasn’t cascading, so I’m glad I know this before making more!

  4. 6-9-2016

    We love brides. Unfortunately we can’t take anymore custom orders until Sept. But we have some lovely ready made unity candles.

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