Elevator Pitch Tips

What do you do?

It’s usually one of the first, if not the very first, questions that strangers ask each other when they are getting to know each other. Our careers often define who we are as people, which is why entrepreneurs sometimes struggle to find the words to describe their lives. How can you explain that you spend hours each day scrolling the internet, not for fun (well sometimes for fun), but for market research, networking, and inspiration? How do you explain that your Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook accounts are real lifelines for work?

How do you share your business in a few sentences?

An elevator pitch is a succinct and persuasive sales pitch. You answer that difficult question in a few sentences leaving the listener wanting to know more about you.

Sounds difficult, right?

Well, it can be. So many entrepreneurs struggle with writing their business biographies the idea of cutting it back to a three minute or less dialogue is terrifying. Here are a few tips for crafting a great elevator pitch that will (hopefully) turn those strangers into customers:

1. Clearly identify your role (owner), business name, and product lines in the first sentence.

2. Be confident!

3. Identify why your product or service is beneficial to others.

4. Smile!

5. Close with a call to action.

Keep your head up high, make eye contact, and be enthusiastic when sharing your answer. You do what you do for a reason, and who knows, maybe that stranger is your next big customer?


  1. 6-6-2016

    Thanks for these tips! Can’t wait for your presentation on the 18th! I’m always kicking myself after someone asks me what I do, and I always have that 20/20 hindsight as to what I should have said…or at least that I should have said SOMETHING! Lol!

    • 6-6-2016

      If you think of any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to post them. I challenge you to start sketching out an elevator pitch before my presentation. I want to see examples from you.

      • 6-15-2016

        Oh man, homework! I’ll work on that. Thanks!

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