Law of Attraction: Seeing Shamrocks

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Law of Attraction:  Seeing Shamrocks

How many of you are familiar with the Law of Attraction? Well, I wasn’t too familiar with it myself until recently. I struggle with positive thinking. I am prone to anxiety and, like most creatives, often struggle with confrontation or negativity; more often than not the worst case scenario is where I go to first in my mind. The Law of Attraction states that if you think positive thoughts, positive experiences will follow. It really is all about having a positive mindset and practicing a life full of gratitude.

This past weekend I was asked to do a little experiment at the Flourish Conference.

Sarah Sewell (Flourish Coach) had a bag of charms. She went around the room and had each attendee pick out a little charm and asked them to meditate on the charm. I picked out a four leaf clover. I love four leaf clovers, and I’ve always been obsessed with the color green. I immediately feel more at peace if a place has “good colors” (as I like to say) and green is up there as a top three color. As I held the charm, I also considered my last name (Kelly) and my mother (she was born on Saint Patrick’s Day). I’ve been to Ireland once, and I knew the four leaf clover stood for luck but beyond that, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it all.

Over the past week, I kept seeing people post about how their charm worked into their life, and I’ll admit the only shamrock I saw was the logo for O’Reilly’s auto parts. Rather than wonder where my four leaf clovers were I decided to do a little research. A four leaf clover has long been associated with luck, but the four leaves actually represent these four qualities:





The chances of finding a natural four leaf clover are about 1:10,000. I’m going to continue to meditate on this lucky charm and focus on each of those four virtues as I go about the next few weeks. When I am faced with difficult decisions, I will hope for the best. When I am confronted with negative results, I will have faith things happen for a reason. When I am struggling to be gentle, I will remember to love myself and others. When I am down on my luck, I will hold my charm and remember that luck is what you make it, and I chose to make my life positive.

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  1. 6-3-2016

    I’m a huge believer in the Law of Attraction – a lot of it is very esoteric and wishy-washy, but the baseline premise is something that I’ve put into daily practice. I suck at the mediation aspect of it – it’s very difficult to find a quiet moment in my house! I do have my good luck charm, it’s actually a fidget necklace that I made for myself (I suffer from anxiety too).

    One of the biggest things for me is Gratitude. I practice Gratitude daily. I have a beautiful journal that my sister bought for me and at the end of each day, right before bed, I write down at least 5 things that I’m grateful for. They could be things that happened during the day. They could also be that I’m just so grateful for surviving the day.

    I’m a big believer in setting your intentions for the day as well. Before my feet hit the floor, I express gratitude for the new day, and plan my day out in my head. I then say Thank You for the great day I’m about to have.

    I have a few favourite books on the Law of Attraction (aside from the Secret). They are Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, also by Denise. Hustle, Believe, Receive by Sarah Centrella. The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte – it’s less about L.O.A. and more about how do you want to feel? It’s soul-centered goals. They’re great resources and I consult them often.

    Enjoy your new L.O.A journey! I’m looking forward to reading more about it!

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