Memorial Day

I am currently traveling back home to the great state of Utah. If you have been following my live tweeting, then you already know I spent the weekend in Atlanta at the Flourish Conference. I met more amazing people than I can even begin to describe. I learned more than I hoped to learn. I loved speaking to this dynamic group of men and women.

I will be giving a full trip report on Wednesday once I am back in my office.

Today though, I wanted to focus on Memorial Day. Memorial day is a federal holiday (here in the United States of America) that remembers the people who died while serving in our country’s armed services. These are the men and women who gave it all. Today is a somber day and should be reflected upon with reverence and grace.

If you are currently serving in our armed services I would like to thank you for your dedication.

As you spend today with your family and remembering your loved ones, please know that I am reflecting upon the sacrifices of the men and women of our country.

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