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I finally made it! After two flights with a layover, I have finally landed in Atlanta, Georgia for the Flourish 2016 Gathering! Let the good times roll!

This Memorial Day weekend I will be live tweeting this event. What is live tweeting you may ask? It is publishing a series of tweets (on your Twitter account) chronicling an event as it happens. This is a fantastic way to engage with your followers on a live and bite-sized scale. While I won’t be sharing content that is proprietary to the other presenters, I will be sharing pictures of the hotel, food (of course the food), drinks, attendees, and my own tips for writing effectively for your small business.

I’ve also put together a list of tips for you if you decide you want to live tweet something in the near future:

1. Know the event hashtag before the event starts. #goteamflourish
2. Engage your audience before the event (just like this!)
3. Get the Twitter handles of speakers in advance.
4. Don’t forget stunning pictures!
5. Don’t tweet so much you lack content.
6. Finish the event with a few tweets wrapping up the day or days.

I’ll be staying at the lovely Georgian Terrace Hotel and enjoying meals at Sunflower Café and Mary Mac’s Tea Room. Stay tuned for pictures, quotes, and of course, more tips by following me on Twitter @Write_Assistant here:

The Write Assistant on Twitter

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