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Tomorrow I will be packing my bags and heading to Atlanta, Georgia: The land of peaches, sweet tea, and proper manners. While I have never been to Atlanta before, I did live in Virginia for a few years, and I am excited to return to the South. I am one of the keynote speakers for the Flourish 2016 Gathering and will be presenting on small business biographies. As one of the presenters, I was provided the unique opportunity to include some of my branded swag in a gift bag all attendees will receive.

I wanted to come up with something that represented my brand and was memorable. Enter Melissa of Willow Blossom Studios:

Willow Blossom Studios

Melissa is a wood burning extraordinaire and has some truly mesmerizing designs in her shop. She also knows the value of communication and customer service which is why I ultimately chose to work with her for this prestigious event. Melissa created stunning wood burned bookmarks for my contribution.

I’m excited to give these out at this weekend’s conference because I know the attendees will love her work. Interestingly enough, I’ve had a few people ask me about the utility of swag bags. They questioned why I would spend so much money to give gifts away for free.

Honestly? It’s smart marketing.

Think about it: I am gifting a piece of functional art with my brand name on it to my target market.

I am also thanking these people for traveling, in some cases, thousands of miles to see me speak in person. A little swag seems like good manners to me and in the South, I do not want to be found with a peach in one hand, a cup of sweet tea in the other, but improper manners. Now that just wouldn’t do at all!

Have you ever purchased swag for your customers or clients?

Do you give out pens, magnets, can coolers, or something unique?

Who are your favorite sources for branded gifts?


  1. 5-26-2016

    I have been accepted to exhibit in the CT Building at the Big E in September, it is the 100th Anniversary and I am hand painting glass votives with a baby Robin (our state bird) along with brochure with contact information about hand crafted artisans in our state.

    • 5-26-2016

      Sandra I love the Big E! I’m from Connecticut originally and it is a family tradition. Now that I live in Utah, I try to go every year with my family and am hoping to attend the 100th anniversary. What is your company? I’d love to keep an eye out for you if I attend.

      • 5-26-2016

        Oh that would be wonderful to meet you! My friend Pammy Strom has guided me to your sites. I am 69 years young, never quiting what I love to do! So courageously exhibiting 9 days from September 16th – 24th booth 14b❣

  2. 5-26-2016

    Follow up to previous comment. I do have something to gift. I make solid perfumes. Will pour them in 5gram jars and put logo and contact information on the lid. Thanks for the boost!


    • 5-26-2016

      You are very welcome! That’s a fantastic bit of swag to give out to customers.

  3. 5-26-2016

    When we were in the boat canvas business we gave out can coolers with our logo and contact information. Far better than a business card.

    Thinking about what to gift with jewelry and our ladles and enameled hollow ware.

    Thanks for the thought starter.

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