Sell the Solution

So many of my clients get tongue tied when it is time to write product descriptions. They are intimately involved in their creation, so it seems obvious what makes them so great. Of course, customers should buy this product!

Why wouldn’t they?

There are many reasons why a customer would want to buy your item, but there are probably an equal (if not larger) amount of reasons why they wouldn’t want to buy it. One of the most basic recommendations in sales is to sell the solution, not the product. What does that mean? It means that customers can be triggered based on wants and needs, and if they have a problem they are looking to solve, they are much more likely to make a purchase based on finding an efficient solution.

No one needs a candy bar.

No one needs a pair of $150 jeans.

No one needs a mountain bike.

Unless you convince them that they do.

Copy, and specifically your product descriptions, are how you use creative marketing to transform your customers wants into needs and funnel them back to your product. Customers make purchases based on emotions and how products make them feel. If they are stressed out, chocolate can give them a temporary endorphin rush and make the world seem a little less hectic for a moment. Kit Kat bars bank on that with their “Give me a break” marketing campaign.

You might be asking: What problems do my product solve? They are just impulse buys!

So is a candy bar, if we are going to be honest with each other.

What do you sell? What problems do your products fix?

If you aren’t sure, comment with a product below and let’s work it out together to see if we can come up with an emotionally engaging marketing campaign together.


  1. 5-19-2016

    Thanks for all this thought provoking questions. We often ask them ourselves
    We customize size and color to customer requirement, it’s really one of a kind, we can never reproduce the exact same one.
    I can’t answer why people would buy from our store. Our store is not cheap, but we use real wood and steel, they are build to last. We repurpose wood, reduce landfill, we can make almost anything with wood and steel. If customer willing to pay, we really can make it.

  2. 5-19-2016

    We create handmade furniture utilizing reclaimed wood and steel, what solution can we offer?

    • 5-19-2016

      Tell me a little more about your business. Who is your target market?

      • 5-19-2016

        Woman between 30 and 50, home owner.

        • 5-19-2016

          So why should she, or anyone, buy from you? What do you offer that is unique and fills a need?

          • 5-19-2016

            They need furniture to furnish their home in style. Dining table for eating, gathering, etc. coffee table, console, end table to put stuff, tv etc, door to seperate area, bed for sleeping. Is it unique?

          • 5-19-2016

            It sounds like you have many problems you could solve with your products. I think the need for furniture is general. Why should someone purchase from your furniture company as opposed to a box store or discount chain? What needs are you fulfilling that aren’t being filled by your competitors?

  3. 5-18-2016

    So what problem are you solving with your butterfly art, Natasha?

    Who is your target audience?

    • 5-18-2016

      Well for my children’s collection – the TA would be mum’s, dad’s, grandparents, godparents –

      solving the problem of finding a way to brighten up a nursery or give a unique christening gift. Too vague?!

      • 5-18-2016

        I think that is a great start! Butterflies seem to be more feminine so I would think you can narrow it down for little girls as opposed to little boys. You can also work on incorporating a fairy garden angle (which you hint at) or reference some symbolism that the butterfly represents. Transformation.

        • 5-18-2016

          Oh ok – something like this?

          Perfect for a little girl’s bedroom, “Winged Dreams” is a delicate hand cut 3D collage, which depicts a magical and care free realm where fairies and butterflies roam, where innocence abounds and happiness is all around!

  4. 5-18-2016

    Hi Kateland

    I’m an artist and I find it incredibly difficult when I’m trying to write the product description! Please help!

    Natasha x

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