Shop Updates on Etsy

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Shop Updates on Etsy

Etsy Shop Updates were introduced as a way to increase engagement between Etsy sellers and their followers. This unique approach allows you to upload and share photos through the Sell on Etsy app (available for both iOS and Android devices) so that you can encourage customers to see what is new with your business. Etsy recommends using this feature to show works in progress, highlight new items, or displaying your items in use to generate ideas for potential customers.

I personally have not used this feature because it’s a bit hard to showcase writing in a way that is fun and unique. That’s why I have a blog.

But if you have a more traditional Etsy shop this feature could be a great boon to your business. All you have to do is upload a photo into the app, tag it with an active listing (you’ll be prompted to do this so don’t stress), and add a caption. You then have the option to share it on your social media apps connecting several audiences into one streamlined process.

Keep in mind you can only post updates from the phone application and cannot access them on a computer platform. Your posts will be seen by anyone who has interacted with your shop (favorited or purchased), and it will show up in their personalized feed.

Have you used Etsy Shop Updates?

What do you think?

Have you noticed any increased sales or direct engagement since utilizing it?


  1. 5-20-2016

    thank so a lota lot for your site it assists a lot

  2. 5-13-2016

    I have used it though not often, mainly because there is no desktop version of the application which I feel is a shame. I do intend on using it more often but do wish they’d update it with a better UI and a desktop function. I also think they need to promote awareness of it more across social media themselves, I reckon there are hundreds if not thousands of Etsy members who have no idea it exists. A stand alone app would help instead of being integrated in the seller app. And I have no idea if placing updates has ever actually led to much engagement in my products. All in all it just feels like an idea thrown together then ignored whereas it should be a major feature that they shout about from the rooftops!!

  3. 5-13-2016

    I have used the Shop Updates, however, I am not proficient with photographs with my phone. I don’t use Instagram much either as I just feel like my photos are not up to par. That is my hesitation. I would Love to utilize this function though! Great info to ponder on.

    • 5-14-2016

      I’ve used it and I like the feature. I upload pics I want to use on my mobile platforms such as instagram and Etsy updates by uploading them from my computer to Google Photos, then, they are on my mobile device for when I want to use them. That way I get to use the quality of my camera via my phone.

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