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I am a huge proponent of supporting small business whenever possible, which is why on occasion I’ll use my blog as my personal shopping platform. Right now I’m in search of jewelry! I will be presenting as one of the keynote speakers for the 2016 Flourish Meet Up in Atlanta this Memorial Day weekend. This is a phenomenal conference that will be held at The Georgian Terrace hotel with professional photograph opportunities, over sixty attendees, and other industry experts. Let’s just say this would be a great chance to include a TON of extra business cards if I purchase from you because I will share your shop name.

You can learn more about the Flourish Coaching program and their annual conference here:

The Joyful Entrepreneur – Flourish

You can actually still purchase tickets for the Sales Funnel presentation which will be in the form of a live video. You can replay it at your leisure and it is a really affordable way to get some of the conference benefits without needing to purchase a plane ticket. You can learn more about this live broadcast here:

Sales Funnel: Live Broadcast

Now back to my jewelry search for my outfit! Granted I realize that Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, but leave it to me to shop last minute!

I will be wearing colors that jive with my brand and I need some jewelry to match. I tend to gravitate toward bohemian and free-spirited types of jewelry, but am not opposed to more classical offerings. I will be wearing several outfits that need to be accessorized!

Outfit #1: Business Casual fitted dress in navy blue, teal, and white.

Outfit #2: Green, yellow, blue, and black floor length maxi dress.

Outfit #3: Black top and a blue, black, and silver floor length skirt.

I would love some kind of bib necklace or statement necklace to pop against the plain black shirt, but other than that I am open to suggestions. I will not be revealing the actual outfits until the conference (a lady has to have some secrets), so feel free to drop your links in the comments below so I can start shopping!


  1. 2-21-2017

    Love the floral bracelet, it`s gorgeous 🙂

  2. 5-13-2016

    Sounds Amazing!!
    I’d love for you to see if anything of mine catches your eye.

    Happy Shopping!

  3. 5-12-2016

    A little on the darker side, but great with many outfits 🙂 This is a black flower cluster necklace with true green in between, accented with silver rounds. It is sold with a matching bracelet 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity to present our craft to you 🙂

  4. 5-12-2016

    Hi there!

    I would love to produce something for the outfit you will be choosing for the occasion.
    Just find me on socials @adreamofleaves or on Etsy

    Greetings from Italy!


  5. 5-12-2016 I create with upcycled parts, discarded or broken jewelry that needs some love and imagination to become something new. I love creating with my clients so they get something unique to them!

  6. 5-11-2016

    Awesome opportunity! I would love to make something for you! You can check out my shop at

  7. 5-11-2016

    This has been an amazing response! I’m still shopping for my brunch and evening outfits so please feel free to continue sharing your creations.

  8. 5-11-2016

    Hi Kateland,

    Please check out my shop to add some sparkle to your outfits. I think this necklace in blue and clear crystal with the antiqued silver rose beads would look stunning with your black shirt and blue, silver and black skirt. Let me know what you think and thanks for the opportunity.

  9. 5-11-2016

    I would love it if you wanted a piece from my shop! I think this set (or piece if you only need a necklace) in blue with clear crystal and the silver roses would look fab with your black shirt and blue/silver/black skirt!

  10. 5-11-2016

    Gorgeous statement bracelet which I could alter into a necklace is required…

    If your a Rusiian Doll lover I have a gorgeous RD statement necklace in my store, among other items.

    Hope you find that perfect piece!



  11. 5-11-2016

    Hey Kateland!

    These rings are exactly what you need! We have different color choices and styles that will help you work every outfit! They are dainty, handcrafted, and are definitely a statement piece! Each wire ring is one of a kind so your piece is unique to YOU! How great is that?

    On top of ALL of that, each ring donates $10 to our RingsForRonen campaign! Ronen is a 1 year old boy recently diagnosed with leukemia. We want to help him and we want you to as well!!

    Thank you:)

    Makayla @ We And B Designs

  12. 5-11-2016


    Feel free to check out my creations! Thank you!

  13. 5-11-2016

    Hi Kateland, I would love to help you out if I can and what a great opportunity you are offering. My style is very much boho and free spirited, probably because thats just who I am too! At present I have some sterling silver earrings in my shop and more to be added. I have done a few custom pieces in the past and would be more than happy to customise something for you. If you would like to check out my shop, my shop link is or if you would like to see some examples of work I have done previous, please feel free to drop me an email! 🙂 Best of luck on your search, Zandra

  14. 5-11-2016

    Hi Kateland! With your mention of a bohemian style tendency, I thought of my new teardrop earrings. Some have a very bohemian vibe, and others would match the color combos you mentioned! Of course I’ve got a whole shop of jewelry, but these would likely be up your alley!

    Thanks for taking a look! Hope the conference is a great time 🙂

  15. 5-11-2016

    Hi Kateland! Anything in my shop will compliment your clothing! I have beachy an bohemian style jewelry in blues, greens, and tans.

  16. 5-11-2016

    Hi Kateland! I have a few pieces in my shop that I think would work great with your outfits! Check them out at

  17. 5-11-2016

    I make unique sterling and gemstone jewelry and very affordable too. Here are some necklaces I think would go awesome with your outfits and make simililar pieces in bracelets. I have numerous bib and statement necklaces to choose from. Sounds like you’ll have a wonderful time!/necklaces-and-pendants/c/15346444/offset=0&sort=normal

  18. 5-11-2016

    Hey! Since you love the freedom look of Boho jewelry, I think this set of mine would go perfect with your first outfit or really any outfit!!product-page/c6np/aaeedc6f-e295-f31b-388d-a97058552551

  19. 5-11-2016

    I make a variety of necklaces with semiprecious stones and other materials. They are contemporary styles with a variety of color combinations and can be worn with everything from jeans to evening gowns. It was hard for me to narrow down choices based on your outfits, but I encourage you to check out my shop at http:/ and see if anything strikes your fancy.

  20. 5-11-2016

    Hi Kateland,

    Your outfits sound classic and beautiful (I love a maxi dress, so please post pictures after your big reveal!). I have a few things that might work for you. My shop is The Julie Lyn Boutique and it is on Etsy. My jewelry is all handmade and each piece is unique– you will have a lot of eyes on you at the Flourish event and you should feel special :).

    These silver earrings are made with a lightweight leaf chain. They have sparkle and texture, and a freshwater pearl at the bottom. These can easily go with your business casual outfit or outfit #3.

    My sterling silver link earrings with a Swarovski pearl dangle are also a great choice for a business casual outfit. The pearl dangle adds movement. At almost 2 inches long, the earrings make a statement, but still remain lightweight and comfortable.

    You might like this necklace — it has a simple, modern style that I think would work nicely with your business casual look.

    Your maxi dress sounds colorful and gorgeous, maybe a bit more boho? Depending on the neckline, you could do this asymmetrical feather necklace that I recently listed. It is modern in its asymmetrical use of mookaite beads, and boho with the antique silver feather.

    These antique brass leaf chain earrings, which feature copper leaves, also have a boho feel that might work with your dress.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for taking the time to consider my work. Happy shopping!

  21. 5-11-2016

    I think any if my fringe/bib would work. I have teal and some multi blues with black and white. You can see them at:

  22. 5-11-2016

    I grew up on the west coast. My mom was a self-professed bohemian hippie redneck. When I turned 18, I moved south to New Orleans. As you can imagine, I have eclectic taste! My etsy shop has a lot of “ball mom” jewelry because that’s the season I have found myself in right now. But, you will also find a few other fun pieces listed in my shop. I have many more on Facebook (Bijoux Vivé) and I have spent time designing my friends jewelry according to outfits. They are always sending me pictures of outfits so that I can design something for each outfit they will wear on their vacations. If you have time, feel free to check me out!

  23. 5-11-2016

    Hi Kateland! I make genuine Baltic Amber and gemstone jewelry. I can do bracelets or necklaces in any size. The dark cherry (almost black) Amber would look great with your last two outfits! I also have various gemstones we can mix in as well to dress it up a bit and match your outfits. Plus the natural benefits of Amber have been said to help with any chronic pain, inflammation and to calm nerves. Feel free to message me if you have any questions at all!

  24. 5-11-2016

    Hi Kateland,

    First off, such a kind gesture to support your handmade community. I create mostly sterling silver jewellery made from eco friendly silver and have minimalist and boho designs that would complement your outfits.

    The first design is my hope circle necklace and I think you could wear it with any three of your outfits. The circle can be made larger or smaller.

    These earrings would complement your first outfit and lapis is a stone of universal truth and strength…perfect for public speaking 😉

    My shop is

    Best of luck at the conference. Enjoy!

  25. 5-11-2016

    Hi Kateland,

    My designs range from bohemian to elegant wedding jewelry. When u heard about the kind of pieces you are looking for I was quite happy since it pretty much matches my style of work. You will find lots of blues and greens in silver tone since thats my favorite to work with. Hope you find what you are looking for. My shop is

  26. 5-11-2016

    I make jewellery of gemstones and freshwater cultured pearls, sterling silver, vermeil and 9ct gold (clasps). My designs are classic towards 1920s with a modern twist.

    Sarah bought this necklace –

    This necklace is unique, I cannot remake it because I cannit find banded agate like these

    Thank you for this opportunity ❤️

  27. 5-11-2016

    Hi Kate I make Boho gemstone jewellery in sterling silver and gold filled and if you want to make a statement with a high end bib necklace check out my other shop: contact me when you are ready to purchase I will give you a discount code

  28. 5-11-2016

    If you like the boho style, I have several hand painted leather cuffs with metal stamped tags! I would love to custom make one to match exactly what you have in mind!!

  29. 5-11-2016

    Hi Kateland!
    I was thinking of this extra long crystal beaded necklace (it also comes in a beautiful silver tone crystal) for the #3 outfit – black top/long skirt

    These for outfit #2 (they come in different colours)

    This one for outfit #1

    I wish I could see the outfit to be more helpful (I used to work as a stylist years ago :))


  30. 5-11-2016

    OH and Thanks so very much for looking, I hit something and Adobe Air is trying to do an update and I could not finish added my thanks! <3

  31. 5-11-2016

    I have a Hand-forged Puffed Heart, I have inked and sealed that is a Blue and silver color that will go with your first outfit. It will also dress down to wear with jeans to it is very vertile. It is is not to your liking or too specific there are other hand-forged pieces. This is the blue one

    There are also other boho necklaces, this one has a Victorian Flare that is handpainted.

    I have a sweet rosey copper statement piece that has pink beads on it that I could change out the beads to go more with your outfits.

    I have loads of earring if you wear earrings or bracelets. Let me know if I can do anything custom for you and you can also look at my website

  32. 5-11-2016

    I have a lot of unique, natural necklaces that are great for layering or as a statement piece!

  33. 5-11-2016

    I have many metals to choose from to compliment any of your outfits!

  34. 5-11-2016

    Hello Kateland!

    Have I got pieces for you!! Please visit my Etsy shop at where you’ll find jewelry for every occasion. Statement pieces, laidback pieces, unique pieces, anything to fit your mood or help create a mood. All handmade. All unique to you!

    • 5-11-2016

      Can you tell me a little more about your jewelry and make some suggestions based on my outfits?

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