Mother’s Day Marketing: Last Minute Ideas

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Mother’s Day Marketing:  Last Minute Ideas

This Sunday is May 8th, which means it is Mother’s Day. Sometimes the holidays sneak up on us, and that’s usually a bad thing for sellers. I wouldn’t worry too much because holidays often sneak up on our customers as well, and we can turn that to our advantage. Over the past several weeks you should have been running Mother’s Day promotions if this is a major holiday for your target market. If you don’t cater to mothers and families, you can disregard the rest of this blog and tune in on Wednesday for my next article.

The top three businesses that cater to mothers are as followers:



Bath and Body products

Of course with a little creativity, many other businesses can get in on the Mother’s Day rush, so I’ve put together my three favorite tips and tricks for generating some holiday panic sales that will work for any industry:

1. Send an email with a last minute coupon code, free shipping, or even better: Both!

2. Create a post-holiday sale with enticing slashed prices to help take the sting away from late shoppers’ shame.

3. Run a contest through social media to increase engagement.

The last tip doesn’t really bring you immediate sales, but it does increase your followers’ awareness of who you are and what you offer. People like to talk about themselves so give them a chance to show off the moms in their life.

Did you do anything special to mark Mother’s Day with your business? Share your promotions, tips, and tricks below and don’t forget to share your own business link. There very well may be some last-minute shoppers among my readers.

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