Etsy Announcements and Categories

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Etsy Announcements and Categories

Barely a month after my initial blog post, Etsy has gone and changed their algorithm for what feels like the hundredth time this year. We are only in April right? Previously the Etsy Shop Announcement was used to determine shop quality and help place overall ranking based on two things:

1. Was the Shop Announcement filled out with relevant text?

2. Did this text have any keywords?

I think the Shop Announcement is still important to welcome customers to your digital storefront. Etsy, on the other hand, seems to think it isn’t quite so important anymore. As of last week, the Shop Announcement will no longer count towards your ranking. They have instead decided that your Shop Categories are going to be part of the algorithm. Previously, you could have up to ten different categories, but now you can have up to fifteen!

This is a huge improvement, and something many sellers have wanted for years. Remember it is still important to use keywords that are relevant to your shop, so you don’t want to stuff random words in the categories in the hopes of improving your SEO; it just doesn’t work that way. For example, if you only sell wedding favors, you wouldn’t create a category for wedding invitations.

When selecting your keywords, you need to keep them under 24 characters (including spaces) each. This does limit your concepts slightly, but with some keyword research and a little ingenuity, I think you’ll find this change is for the better.


  1. 5-22-2016

    Maintain the good job and bringing in the crowd!

  2. 4-27-2016

    Should a shop section be changed from “Mugs” to “Ceramic Mugs” or “Hand thrown Mugs” then??
    Etsy Aaaggghhh!!!!
    Can’t wait until website is updated!!

    • 4-27-2016

      I would recommend taking the same approach you do when researching keywords for your listings. There are only 24 characters per section field so you are a bit limited. I think something descriptive, but also reflective of real time searches, is best like ceramic mugs as opposed to single words.

  3. 4-26-2016

    I wondered why page views had just plummeted to like…none! Thanks! Will have to work on the category names better.

    • 4-27-2016

      You are very welcome! There’s been quite a few changes that have likely contributed to the decreased views across the board. At any given time, we only know a small fraction of what Etsy is testing behind the scenes.

  4. 4-26-2016

    Thanks for keeping me informed! I was not aware of these new changes.

  5. 4-26-2016

    When you say “categories” what exactly do you mean?

    Thank You for your help.

    • 4-26-2016

      That’s a great question! For the purposes of this article, the shop categories are your shop sections. Simply put, shop sections are groupings of your products for customers to explore. You can read more about how to edit this portion of your shop through this article from Etsy:

      • 4-26-2016

        Thank you for that clarification. I now know what they are. I currently have one category called burlap prints. Does it hurt you in any way if you don’t have different categories (by “hurt you” I mean not getting found in searches)

  6. 4-26-2016

    Every time I think I have SEO down pat it changes!! Thank you for the info! It’s appreciated!

  7. 4-25-2016

    Thank you for keeping us abreast of the Etsy updates and changes. It is very appreciated.

    • 4-26-2016

      You are welcome! As more information becomes available, I’ll update my blog accordingly.

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