Facebook Live: The Basics

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Facebook Live:  The Basics

Facebook Live is an exciting tool for small business owners because it gives them the chance to connect with their followers on a whole new (and more personal) level. Live video through Facebook has actually been available since January 2016 to all iPhone users and was launched on a rolling basis. It was originally beta tested for an elite few in August 2015, and the response was overwhelmingly positive, hence the expansion over the last year or so.

Facebook put together a few tips to increase the efficacy of your Live broadcast:

1. Tell people ahead of time when you are going to broadcast.

2. Only go live if you have a strong internet connection.

3. Don’t forget to put a call to action in your live message (ask them to follow you).

4. The longer your broadcast, the more people will likely join and listen.

5. The more often you broadcast, the more people will see you.

The idea of live streaming can be incredibly intimidating for many people, so while you don’t have to use it as part of your marketing, you should at the very least consider it. Be creative, but also, remember to be consistent with your branding. Don’t go live just for the sake of going live, and remember your audience can replay your video even after the live stream has ended. Just like everything on the internet, once it is posted, it leaves a permanent mark on your social record.

Have you used Facebook Live yet? What has your experience been like? Tell me about it in the comments and give us your best tips and tricks for engaging your audience.

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